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Once you've started...

Once you've successfully started back to work, you'll find that there are a number of issues that keep coming up for as long as you're breastfeeding.


Sleep is the holy grail of parenting. Some crazy people have propagated the idea that once you're a parent you can easily go back to your pre-parenting life of sleeping in, sleeping uninterrupted at night, and sleeping on your own schedule. Let's face reality here - your sleep is no longer in your control. Best to accept that and move forward to solutions that will help you feel more rested - in spite of this loss of control. See the pages on Sleep and Reverse Cycling for more information.

Feeding Solids

When do you start giving solid foods? Who should be feeding them? What should you be feeding?

Under Development....

Traveling Moms

Tips for moms who travel for work - with a little preparation, you can keep breastfeeding through just about any trip. Tips form moms who've been there - plus a few funny stories about airport security and breastpumps.

Under Development...

The Six Month Slump

What is this dreaded six month slump? Does it happen to everyone? How can you avoid it?? Read here for much more information...


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