Stress? Sick? Low milk supply? Hop in the shower!
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Hot Showers

Why is it every other sentence I'm telling you to take a shower? Are you wondering if you smell?  Hello - I'm on the Internet - I can't smell you!!  No, hot showers are just great therapy. Yes, you shouldn't waste water, yes, they waste energy, but sometimes you've just got to take care of yourself.

The advantages of a hot shower:

  • Time alone: nobody can bother you in the shower. Savor this moment.
  • Stress relief: Hot water can really wash away stress. Relaxation is important. Less stress means more milk, less sickness, and you might even be nicer to people.
  • Decongestant: The steam from a hot shower increases the blood supply to your sinuses. At first, this might make you feel more congested, but the blood brings with it valuable immune cells that fight the infection causing the congestion in the first place. You'll get better faster with steam. I'm a doctor*, you have to trust me on this.
  • General Health: Any cold or flu is going to benefit from inhaling steam. If you don't have time for a shower, get one of those desktop steam inhalers and take time every day to inhale a little steam when you're feeling under the weather.

*OK, I'm a PhD doctor, not a medical doctor, but I did study physiology, so does that count?  And my father, who is a real doctor (ENT) highly recommends the healing power of steam, and can usually be found in the shower.


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